Sharing files has never been easier

Send files and documents

Send files and documents to anyone

Share photos, videos, GIFs, and files for free in the Ziocoop app. Share links and files from anywhere, using your phone, or computer.

Share in Ziocoop channels and direct messages

Send to anyone outside your workspace

Upload multiple files at once by drag-and-drop

Send documents from anywhere

Files, documents, photos, and videos can be shared from your computer, device or cloud storage service of choice, all without switching tabs or windows.

Send any size file

Eliminate large email attachments

Share with anyone

Send documents
Your files are secure in Ziocoop

Let your files be safe and secure

When you share files in private channels or messages, only the included people can see those files or find them in a search.

Ziocoop is compliant with regulations like ISO 27001 and S0C 2, so your content will stay in compliance no matter the context.

How to share files

Easy way to share documents and files with co-workers, and connect with like-minded team members.

Step 1

Download Ziocoop apps.

Step 2

Create a Ziocoop account.

Step 3

Invite your team to join you.

Step 4

Share files with the team.

More features

Sort and filter

Filter search results to find exactly what you need.

Dark theme

Dim the lights and use Ziocoop in a beautiful jet-black color scheme.

Channel browser

Join channels in your workspace that interest you.

Message formatting

Highlight important messages and code snippets in your messages.


Quickly jump between conversations using just your keyboard.

Share files & links

Share files, images, videos, and links with everyone.

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