Use channels, forget inbox

Replace old email inbox and streamline communication with channels, direct messages and threads.

With Ziocoop channels, direct messages and threads replace long email exchanges and save a lot of time. Ziocoop is an app for teams to send and receive messages and files, as well as to make important decisions related to a certain theme, all in one place.

Use channels, forget inbox

Communicate your status

Let coworkers know when you’re out of the office (or simply too busy).

Use status to notify people of upcoming vacations or to let them know when you'll be returning from a holiday. In the case that teammates begin writing you a direct message, they'll be able to see your current status and know that it will take some time to receive a response.

Communicate your status

Share everything in one place

Share files with the whole team at once without annoying cc’ing and checking if you’re included everybody.

When you have one place for all team messages, like you have channels in Ziocoop, there’s no need for additional email addresses. In one place you start discussions, share files and ideas, and settle meetings.

Share everything in one place in Ziocoop

Replace one-line emails with emoji

Acknowledge that you received someone’s message in a faster and less intrusive way.

With Ziocoop, you can avoid these situations and use emoji to react to a message so your teammates know your opinion. When you’ve worked with the same coworkers for a period of time, they’ll immediately know what your️ emojis means.

Replace one-line emails with emoji

What you’ll gain with Ziocoop vs email

Ziocoop is a business messaging app. It's a space where all of your teams, partners,
and customers, join forces no� matter where or when you're working.

Quick search through app

Because every information in Ziocoop channels is searchable, there's no need to send dozens of new emails to the people who's joining your workspace.

Foster collaboration

Ziocoop brings internal and external teams together across locations, time zones and working styles, instead of limited work to email’s segmented communication.

Use shortcuts

If you use your keyboard to get around, Ziocoop has shortcuts to help you navigate quickly from one area to another.

Start calling and sharing

File sharing, voice and video calls and more are all built into Ziocoop along with real-time messaging. So you can truly work together however you work best.

Work securely

Collaborating in email opens up the risk of spam and phishing. In Ziocoop, you can work securely with partners, vendors or customers.

Set permissions

Manage who can create and archive channels, invite members, remove them from channels, post in public channels and other permissions.